10 Things you Need to Know about Nutnola Butter

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10 Things you Need to Know about Nutnola Nut Butter


What is Nutnola Butter? How do you eat it? Check out the  national announcement we’re making today. Square Root is also answering all of your questions and sharing some surprising facts about your new favorite nut butter!

  1. Square Root Nutnola Butter has the largest variety of nuts in a single jar - more than ANY other brand of nut butter! The Maple Cinnamon Nutnola Butter has 6 types of nuts and seeds. 
  2. We made our first jar by accident! After spending hours passing out samples at our local farmers market, we had small chunks and crumbs at the bottom of each bag. Our founder Ellie put all of the crumbs in her food processor to see what would happen and Nutnola Butter was born!
  3. Our butter is packaged in glass jars. Once empty, the jars can be recycled or upcycled! Some of the favorite ways we use our empty jars include - vessels for homemade candles, pots for succulents, and storage containers for dried goods and leftovers.
  4. Once opened, Nutnola Butter should be kept in your pantry to maintain the right consistency, BUT if you put it in your fridge, the consistency turns to fudge-like and can be eaten straight out of the jar. 
  5. You can drizzle our Maple Cinnamon Nutnola Butter over ice cream to create a magic shell!
  6. The variety of nuts and seeds provides an array of healthy fats, proteins and flavors for a wholesome, satisfying texture that you can feel great about eating.
  7. Our products are Certified Gluten Free - meaning they are safe for individuals with Celiac Disease.
  8. When baking, sub in Nutnola Butter for oil or butter to get that perfectly gooey texture. Looking for a recipe to try? Start with our Paleo Chocolate Chip Nutnola Butter Blondies
  9. Square Root Chocolate Chia Nutnola Butter is the perfect alternative to the usual sugar-packed hazelnut spread, which has 4 times (!!) the amount of sugar. 
  10. You can find Nutnola Butters online or in select Whole Foods locations.


Are there any questions we didn’t answer? Send us an email at info@squarerootlife.com.


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