What Is Grain-free Granola?

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Grain-free granola is allowing people with dietary restrictions to enjoy granola again. Grain-free granola means gluten-free granola. It also means paleo and low-sugar. Nutnola from Square Root is a grain-free granola option that is helping people to make healthier choices.

Granola without the grain is a hard-to-find option. After all, the prefix “gra-” comes from the word “grain.” People who suffer from gluten allergies or follow a paleo diet cannot enjoy the crunchy goodness of granola. We took out the grain and replaced it with flavor to make granola something that everyone can enjoy.

Is Grain-free Granola Healthy?

Grain-free granola is indeed healthy. One of the critical nutrients in granola is the fiber that it provides. Grain-free granola still provides a hefty serving of fiber. Nutnola from Square Root is actually higher in antioxidants than traditional grain granola.

Grains contain gluten that can cause blood sugars to fluctuate. Grain-free nutnola does not have those pesky grains and is gluten-free, which means you can avoid the “gluten energy rollercoaster” you often experience with grain-based granolas.

What is Grain-free Granola Made Of?

Nutnola comes from a mix of nuts, delicious spices, seeds, and dried fruits. This healthy vegan granola uses high-quality ingredients to deliver a fantastic taste. The main difference is that it is nut-based instead of grain-based.

We use only non-GMO ingredients that are grown organically to create a delicious and healthy grain-free granola. 

Why Is Grain-free Granola Better?

There are several reasons why even people without gluten allergies or other dietary restrictions choose nutnola grain-free granola. Nutnola contains only ingredients that are good for your health because sometimes it is the things that your granola does not include that make it a healthier option:

  • No gluten. No grains mean no gluten, period. We left out the grains so that everyone could enjoy great granola without worrying about gluten issues.
  •  No cholesterol. Our grainless granola will not add any cholesterol to your diet. It is a great snack option for those trying to bring their cholesterol numbers down.
  •  No refined sugars. Our low-calorie, low-sugar granola does not contain any added refined sugars. It is naturally sweet due to the sugars found naturally in some of its ingredients.
  • No animal products. Nutnola contains zero animal products, guaranteed.
  • Non-GMO.

If you have ever taken the time to read the list of ingredients on some off-the-shelf grain-based granola, you have probably noticed it is ladened with things that you never expect to find in a healthy food option. For example, granola bars usually have wheat as a binder.

We just took the best ingredients and combined them to create great natural granola without the grain and the unhealthy fillers. If you suffer from gluten allergies, have celiac disease, are following a paleo diet, or simply want a truly vegan granola option, nutnola from Square Root is a perfect choice.

What Is Hiding in Granola with Grain?

Most people think of granola as a healthy food option, but off-the-shelf grain granola may have some hidden ingredients that you would not expect. Grain granola will likely have:

  • High amounts of added sugars. Some brands of grain granola contain as much added sugar as a can of soda.

  • Saturated and trans fats. Don’t be surprised if you read the label on a granola bar, only to find that it contains saturated fats and trans fats.

  • GMO ingredients. If the ingredient list does not say “non-GMO,” then you can bet GMO ingredients are hiding in your granola.

  • Gluten-free does not always mean completely gluten-free. Wheat protein is a common binding ingredient used to keep granola bars together.

Many people are surprised to find the amount of added sugar hidden in some grain granolas. Organic, gluten-free nutnola from Square Root has no surprises.

Truly Grain-free

If you have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten, you need to have a truly grain-free option available. Often, “gluten-friendly” is a misnomer. Such products can have trace amounts of gluten. Even this negligible amount of gluten can be a threat to anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

When we say our granola is grain-free, we mean it. We do not use wheat starches or proteins, nor do we use any other gluten-containing grains. Going grain-free is the best possible way to avoid all sources of gluten.

Grain-free Granola and Nutrition Content

Our grain-free granola is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Just because you are giving up grains doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice nutrition as well.


Grain-free can be high in fiber. Instead of fiber coming from grains in grain-free granola, it comes from fiber-rich nuts and seeds. A serving of nutnola contains 7% of your recommended dietary fiber.


Our grain-free granola has about 30mg of calcium per serving. This powerhouse mineral helps build strong teeth and bones.


There is 1mg of iron in a serving size of nutnola—that is 6% of the daily recommended iron. Iron helps build healthy red blood cells.

Please note the nutrition information above is from our vegan maple grain granola, but you can expect to find similar nutrition content in all of our grain-free granola flavor options.

Flavor Is First at Square Root

We make flavor our priority at Square Root. We use natural enhancers, spices, and dried fruits to add bursts of flavor to every batch. We offer a range to satisfy every palette:

  • Lemon Blueberry
  • Chocolate Cherry Chia
  • Maple Cinnamon

If you want to try them all to find your favorite flavor, you can order a variety pack.

Add It in or Eat It Alone

Nutnola is an excellent option for adding into your smoothies and shakes, topping off yogurt, mixing in with muffins, and more. You can add nutnola to any recipe that you want for a little extra crunch and flavor.

You can also eat nutnola right out of the bag. It is a delicious snack any place and any time. Order your grain-free granola right online.

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