I have Celiac disease. Is your nutnola safe for me to eat?

Yes! Square Root founder, Ellie, has Celiac disease and her diagnosis was the inspiration for the products.

Our nutnola is Certified Gluten Free and safe for Celiacs!

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What is nutnola butter? And how do I eat it?

Nutnola butter is a nut butter made from our original Maple Cinnamon nutnola! Think of it as a fancy peanut butter, but WAY more delicious. Nutnola butter is great on slices of fruit, toast, yogurt, smoothies, and ice cream!

Or try these Paleo Granola Butter Blondies!


What is the shelf life?

We suggest consuming your nutnola within nine month of purchasing; but we guarantee you it will not last that long in your pantry!


When will I receive my order?

Online orders are shipped out on Wednesdays. Any order placed from Wednesday to the following Tuesday will be sent out the next Wednesday.


Still have questions? Shoot us an email at info@squarerootlife.com and we will get back to you!