So what is nutnola? Well, it's essentially gluten free granola without the 'gra'. Our nutnola is made with a mix nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and spices and combined in just the right way to make eating well taste delicious!

All three of our nutnola flavors are Certified Gluten Free, grain free, paleo, dairy free, vegan, refined sugar free, and non-gmo.

This grain free granola makes the perfect snack by itself or sprinkle on your favorite yogurt, smoothie, or salad.  

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The Concept of Grainless Granola

Granola bars are all the rage. The problem is, they’re hardly an option for those who follow a paleo or a gluten-free diet. 

 The idea of gluten-free granola minus the grain is a concept that vegans, gluten-intolerant people, lactose-intolerant people, and paleo consumers can benefit \.

Gluten-free granola consists of: 

  • Rich nutrition from nuts and seeds 
  • Healthy fats
  • Fiber
  • Protein

What makes Nutnola awesome?

Did you know most granola bars use wheat as a binding agent? That’s a problem. Wheat is one of the most common gluten-rich grains, and we all know that gluten and processed carbs/sugars are not your friends. However, a gluten-free snack like ours can make you feel upbeat and energized when your day starts. Getting energized the healthy way is what makes our Nutnola the best paleo granola around. 

Nutnola is a perfect breakfast choice for:

  • People with gluten sensitivity
  • People with dairy intolerance
  • Vegans
  • People on a Paleo diet

Benefits of Nutnola:

With the world being so used to gluten, finding gluten-free food options is made even more complicated.

The inception of Square Root Life came from this realization. 

What happens when gluten isn’t an option for you because of sensitivities or fitness goals? 

Nutnola is the definitive answer to this question. 

Perfect for those with Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac Disease

People who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can face serious health problems from consuming gluten. Such consumption can damage the small intestine lining, causing improper absorption of nutrients by the body. 

The result could be as severe as anemia, diarrhea, constipation, and more intestinal problems. The solution is simple: Choose Nutnola, free from the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. 

Easy on the Stomach 

Nutnola has natural ingredients like natural cocoa powder, coconut oil, seeds, nuts, making it easy to digest. It is also low in sugar and carbohydrate content, which means that your liver and intestines do not have a hard time synthesizing it.

Zero Cholesterol

Nutnola is also cholesterol-free. Run-of-the-mill packages cereal and even granola can be adding to your bad cholesterol without you realizing it. 

Nutnola comes with the goodness of nuts, minus the guilt. It has zero bad cholesterol and can also help fight the already existing bad cholesterol in your system. 

Suitable for Vegans

Our healthy vegan granola contains no animal products like dairy or animal fat. But, that doesn’t stop us from packing in the nutrients. We offer the most delicious, nutritious grainless granola around. We know you’ll agree once you’ve tried our products. 

Rich in Essential Nutrients

Nutnola consists of oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, and dark chocolate chips that make for a power-packed snack. With Nutnola, you get much more protein and fiber than in boxed cereal. With twice the amount of antioxidants as regular granola, you’ll get a snack that wins over your taste buds and doesn’t sacrifice nutrition. 

Great Energy Booster

One of the reasons people feel tired post breakfast is the abundance of gluten eaten. Our grain-free granola contains no gluten, and therefore you won’t have a crash after you eat it.



Nutnola is meant primarily for those who have celiac disease. Since the product is gluten-free, you don’t need your doctor’s approval. Nevertheless, if you have particular nut or seed allergies, please feel free to consult your doctor. 

Yes, they contain natural sugars. However, it has zero refined sugar, making it such a great low-calorie, low-sugar granola.

A non-GMO product means that there was no genetic engineering involved when producing it. In short, a non-GMO product is natural and good for your health. 

The choice is entirely yours. We have standard pricing on both platforms. Should you choose to buy from a store, all our merchandise is available at Whole Foods Market, Plum Market, Sunset Foods, and Olivia’s Market. 

If you order online, we charge a $7 flat shipping fee for orders within the USA. 

Need more information on Nutnola? We’re happy to help you with buying gluten & grain-free granola