10 Uses for Square Root Products You May Not Have Thought of Yet

Square Root products

Although we love eating nutnola right out of the bag and nutnola butter right off of the spoon, there are countless uses for Square Root products! Before getting into some ideas of how to use Square Root, here is a quick overview of each product. 

Maple Cinnamon Nutnola 

The Maple Cinnamon Nutnola is the nutnola that started it all, as it was the first flavor founder Ellie O’Brien created. The original Square Root flavor contains almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds and coconut with a hint of maple and cinnamon. This nutnola flavor is the perfect salty sweet combo and tastes good with virtually everything. 

Lemon Blueberry Nutnola 

This nutnola flavor is light and bright with pops of citrus and bursts of blueberries. The lemon zest and blueberries create the perfect tangy summertime flavor with the almond, cashew, pecan, and coconut base of this nutnola. 

Chocolate Cherry Chia Nutnola

The best way to describe this nutnola flavor is that it's like eating dessert for breakfast! Made with dairy-free and soy-free chocolate, dried cherries, almonds, and cashews, this nutnola is the perfect guilt free sweet treat. 

Maple Cinnamon Nutnola Butter 

This nutnola butter is made directly from our original maple cinnamon nutnola. With the same clean ingredients turned into butter, the maple cinnamon flavor adds the perfect spiced twist to traditional nut butter. 

Chocolate Chia Nutnola Butter 

This nutnola butter uses the base of our chocolate cherry chia nutnola, minus the cherries, for its chocolate-y flavor. Think of it like a healthier, dairy free Nutella! 

Without further ado, here are 10 uses for Square Root products you may not have thought of yet! 

  1. Yogurt, smoothie bowl, or oatmeal topping 
  • Starting with potentially the most obvious, nutnola adds nutrition, and the perfect crunch to any bowl, and nutnola butter is perfect drizzled on top for extra protein, as well as an extra creamy, salty sweet flavor. 
  • Link to recipe: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPs22_jAyx8/
  1. Salad topping

3. On a sweet potato 

4. On top of ice cream 

  • A scoop of ice cream instantly becomes an ice cream sundae by adding nutnola on top or drizzling our chocolate chia nutnola butter on top. 
  • Link to recipe: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPPHMPUhUk-/

5. In baking 

6. A twist on the original PB&J 

7. As a fruit dip 

8. Protein breading 

9. On pancakes or waffles 

10. Energy bites 

  • Mixing nutnola butter with oats, protein, and other ingredients of your choosing stored in the fridge overnight make the perfect bite sized pick-me-up before a workout. 
  • Link to recipe: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNfNwwQBfBC/

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